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BE Buddy History

We live in a fast-paced world saturated with digital distractions and the stimulus is far greater than it was even 20 years ago……


Move Mindfully®

As a former Elementary Educator and Yoga Calm® Youth Instructor, I was driven to share the tools of regulated movement, mindfulness, breathing and relaxation in a setting that impacted the most amount of children, so I reached out to the guru, Kathy Flaminio. Kathy created a proactive behavioral intervention program called Move Mindfully® which is an on-site, 5-week school residency to help meet the physical, emotional and mental health needs of students…

“BE Chill” Glitter Tubes

Kids will watch in amazement as the swirls of glitter move at their own graceful pace from one end of the tube or bottle to the other. The glitter is a visual metaphor representing our thoughts and feelings and…

Benefits of Belly Breathing for Kids

Did you know that changing the way you breathe can change the way you feel?

Stop what you are doing right now. That’s right….STOP!

Now take in a deep breath through your nose, filling up your lungs with air and pausing at the top. Then, slowly exhale the air out until your lungs are completely empty.

8 Stress Management Activities for Kids

How can we help our kids find relief from stress, worry, and anxiety?

We all have worries – and a little worry can be a good thing (since it brings our attention to situations that might need it).

But when worry leads to stress and anxiety, it can start to interfere with mood, social interactions and schoolwork. That’s when our kids need to learn new stress relief strategies.

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